Review: LG Optimus Elite

I hate my phone.

I didn’t hate it when I got it but I sure hate it now. I am cheap when it comes to things that I rarely use and therefore, purchased this phone because it was on sale. As one of the few young people to disregard cell phones as a “necessary evil”, I didn’t even get my first cell phone till I was out of high school.

The phone has great memory space for someone who likes alot of music, likes to take pictures of food and ducks, and is the best size for gals who don’t carry purses as the phone does not make you look like you have a boxy ass implant. I have no idea what the Android system is but its something like Fudge Brownie v.5000 or Toasted Marshmellow or some crap, whatever, it works great and only makes me want to throw it into oncoming traffic SOME times.

No, my issues began after I found myself downloading frivolous yet very valuable applications that help me function on a daily basis. Where would I be if I didn’t have my weight loss app to tell me when to eat and how many calories yogurt has? How would I know that five matching red jelly beans would create some kind of awesome chocolate sprinkled bomb? If I didn’t download my Siri ripoff for Android, I would have no clue what my text messages said.

However, this phone was not made with the battery power to withstand the important things in life. Even after charging all night, the phone dies after 3 hours of usage. If I can’t have my apps, then why do I have a cell phone? I only get calls if I somehow become involved with some kind of socializing with other human beings and that just seems unreasonable.

In short, I’d give the phone 4 out of 5 stars and the deducted point should definitely be addressed by LG as to make sure they do not shut out the app addicted hermit clientele they carry.