Jobs, Steve Jobs

I’m completely flabbergasted at the casting of Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs in the upcoming film based on his life. I’m not at all saying he is a terrible actor (I think he’s a terrible actor) nor am I saying that Steve Jobs was not attractive (meh?) but I just don’t see anyone saying that those two look alike.

Bad casting, just so bad. I mean, I don’t have experience casting films but I think I could have done a much better job[s].

The thing is, their arguement about the casting of Ashton Kutcher would probably sound a little like this:

“Really? Ashton?”

“Yes, really.”


“Because, even though he doesn’t really look like him, he totally EMBODIES him. He like, completely took on his character.”

Ok, casting director. The only way I could buy that crock would be if the man, Steve Jobs, kidnapped Mr. Kutcher and kept him in his basement for months a la Hunter S. Thompson. There is no way that an actor, known for his attractive nature, could possibly understand the anti-social behavior of a computer programmer.

Oh but Ashton has a degree in whatever? So? The guy is completely free to make a fool of himself on That 70’s Show, he’s got enough famous friends to “punk” on Punk’d, and he always looks sharp in a suit or some other name branded crap. And that doesn’t not make you equal to the man who built the Apple empire. Sure he had friends but I’m almost positive he was a relatively private person and not as sociable as, say, an actor.

No I have not seen the movie, and most likely I will wait until it shows up on my OnDemand because I’m way too cheap and lazy to put effort into seeing this baloney. However, it seems to me that now-a-days, in the world of film making, the lack of any creativity or genuine effort to be different has come to the forefront in recent times. I will quickly note that this weekend I attempted to watch Wrath of the Titans, which probably aggravated my position about Ashton Kutcher. It’s a cop out. No wait, its just cheap work done on an expensive film. In the end, it won’t cost me a dime because I can see the lame train before it even arrives at the station but who it will cost is the producers who placed their time and money on the hands of Ashton Kutcher.