Ties that Byne[s]

Who lights a fire in someone’s driveway?

Sorry, I digress.

This post was originally supposed to be how mental illness is serious and should be something that people find ways to help or throw money at. Whatever, I have one of those and no one throws money at me. In fact, I cannot even afford the “help” that people say is “out there” for people like me. But Amanda Bynes, I’m sure she can afford that, right? She just has no idea how to think without that voice in her head telling her to be insane.

Of course, that’s what makes crazy people so interesting. It’s the element of surprise. Don’t show all your cards until your enemies are thoroughly confused. In my opinion, accepting the crazy gene within your family tree will ensure that you are one step ahead of the “normal” people that tend to want to put you away. Who needs to be normal when you could be considered dangerous to yourself and others? Besides, its like riding a roller coaster that never ends and constantly makes you feel like your life is more exciting that it truly is.

Imagine, you’re eating dinner with your parents and your mom asks you what you’ll do with the rest of your life.

You say, “kill myself.”

Suddenly, you’re admitted to a mental hospital.

Lights, camera, roll film.

Otherwise, your life is school, love, marriage, kids and then death. And that just boring. Honestly, how does anyone live life without some kind of medication to stop the crazy from taking over. Without mine, I’d be laughing one moment then crying in another for the entire day. I’m not at all condoning acting insane, just trying to explain how acknowledging it will make you a better person. Demi Lovato, Catherine Zeta Jones, Paris Jackson all realized after an “episode,” that confronting the illness was the only way to actually make it through.

Take off that wig girl and get yourself together.


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